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Hi, I'm Cecilia. I spend way more time obsessing over fictional couples than I should, but, hey, at least I've got a variety.
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The last thing Leo remembered was a blast and a flash of light. Now, his head pounded and his tongue felt thick. His body ached all over, and he felt like he’d been through hades. 

The ground shifted beneath him. For a second, Leo thought Gaea had gotten him. But, no, the ground was soft and warm. Like sand.  

He tried to sit up, but his attempts only led to a more intense pounding in his head. “Agh, my head,” he groaned as propped himself up on one elbow.  He slowly opened his eyes, cringing from the sudden bright light. A blurry figure came into view. “What the—“ he  began. 

The figure cleared up, and Leo felt the blood rush to his cheeks. Sitting no more than four inches away from him was a girl. She looked about 15 or 16, though it was hard to tell. She had a sort of ageless beauty about her. She had fair skin and wavy caramel hair braided loosely over one shoulder. Leo thought she was breathtakingly beautiful. Probably because she took his breath away—literally. 

She leaned closer, a concerned look in her eyes and a ghost of a smile on her lips, and all of Leo’s vocabulary fled his mind. The only thing he could think of to say was, “…whoa.”

She placed one hand on his chest and another on his cheek, and Leo hoped she couldn’t feel his face burning. “Are you all right?” she asked in a quiet, soothing voice.

Leo thought she must have been an angel. “That’s it. I died.”

I just ship Cleo really hard okay

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